Optimizing Home Delivery for a Market Farm – Trey Johnson – Carrot Cashflow Episode 22


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Episode Summary

When business is booming through your online store, how do you streamline the logistics behind guesstimating your harvest, updating your inventory, packing up the right orders, and delivering them to your customers’ homes? Where can you cut down on time and energy to operate more efficiently?

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, Trey Johnson of St. Joseph Homestead talks about how they landed selling vegetables online, what made their email campaigns successful, and how they efficiently manage their online orders for both retail and wholesale customers.

Today’s Guest: Trey Johnson

Prior to St. Joseph Homestead, Trey Johnson worked as a missionary who later transitioned to working as a designer at an engineering firm before deciding what he wanted to do for the next 30 years: farming. St. Joseph Homestead has since been growing high-quality organic food for the people of Louisiana.

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In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Trey Johnson (00:36)
  • St. Joseph Homestead’ home deliveries ()1:31)
  • What the community around St. Joseph’s Homestead values (02:21)
    • Trey Johnson’s market streams (03:13)
  • When you know that the farmer’s market won’t work (03:46)
  • Folks won’t go to farmer’s markets, but they will go online (06:50)
  • Deciding on a covered home delivery area (10:51)
  • Landing on a number for the delivery fee (13:13)
  • Distributing the workload to cater online orders (14:43)
  • How many orders is a crew of six people packing each week? (16:47)
  • Keeping track of customer retention (17:21)
  • Aggregated products and their logistics (20:08)
  • Growing the online store customer base (22:05)
  • The success behind Trey Johnson’s email marketing (24:47)
  • Avid customers who are trained to order (26:23)
  • A different ordering portal for grocery stores (27:11)

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