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Episode Summary

When people are looking to buy something, most of the time, they go over their options and see which one is of the best quality. But when all their options are of equal quality, how do they decide then? They look at you, and whether or not they resonate with you, your values, and what you’re doing.

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, farmer and farming marketer Corinna Bench talks about how selling more doesn’t always mean having to find new customers—sometimes, it’s urging your current customers to buy more. And urging them to buy more is an easy ask when you’ve taken the time to build meaningful relationships with them.

Today’s Guest: Corinna Bench

Corinna Bench runs 20-acre Shared Legacy Farms with her husband Kurt. On top of serving their community with their 400-member CSA program, Corinna also helps farmers grow their sales by teaching them the fundamentals of marketing through creating content and offering courses at MyDigitalFarmer.

Relevant Links

            Shared Legacy Farms  Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

            MyDigitalFarmer Website

            MyDigitalFarmer Podcast by Corinna Bench

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Corinna Bench (01:25)
  • Overserve and take good care of your customers (03:00)
  • What goes into cultivating a relationship with a loyal customer base? (05:32)
  • The different needs of the different stages of a business (09:47)
  • Incentivizing potential customers to visit your website (11:54)
    • Referrals are the key to getting new customers (12:22)
    • Getting the initial customers to refer more customers (13:48)
    • The follow-up to getting someone on your email list (15:57)
  • Adding new things to sell to existing customers (17:25)
  • Is the work involved in trying to keep existing customers the same as getting new ones? (21:23)
  • The long game: it’s all about the average lifetime customer value (22:05)
  • The balance between too much and too little when it comes to relationship building  (24:41)
  • Learning to write better emails is a skill anyone can develop (29:57)
    • Have a radar up for your email content (33:12)
  • Owning who you are…unapologetically (35:45)
  • At the end of the day, we’re all people (37:55)
  • What a customer wants from the farmer (39:24)
  • The take home for farmers asking the question: how do I get more customers? (42:00)
  • Corinna Bench and My Digital Farmer (43:53)

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