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Episode Summary

When you’re a new farm business selling a niche product, the first place you’ll probably think to sell to would be at a farmer’s market. There’s no doubt that farmer’s markets area great way to network with potential customers and other growers in your area. But if you have a full-time job while raising a family, and you don’t want to sacrifice your weekends for farmer’s markets, where do you sell to then?

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, we’re talking to growers Dan and Hilary Papuchis of Hildan Produce to share how they started selling their microgreens outside of the farmer’s market in order to make the business fit into their lifestyle.

Today’s Guest: Dan and Hilary Papuchis

Dan and Hilary Papuchis are the farming couple behind Hildan Produce, selling microgreens to both retail and restaurant customers. Using LocalLine to back up their current business model, they are able to balance the business, a job, and raising a family.

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In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Dan and Hilary Papuchis (00:35)
  • Arriving at which business model to roll with (01:49)
  • Marketing health benefits to sell produce (03:15)
  • Using LocalLine to sell produce online (06:17)
  • Planning and managing produce inventory (08:01)
  • What Dan and Hilary’s daily listings look like (09:47)
  • Delivering what the customers want (10:40)
  • Noticing the customers’ weekly ordering pattern (12:31)
  • How Dan and Hilary built their core customer base as a new business selling a niche product (13:43)
  • The split between retail customers and wholesale customers (17:33)
    • Where to find the average retail customer (18:27)
  • How Dan and Hilary handle their microgreens deliveries (20:52)
  • How harvesting is scheduled in line with Thursday and Friday deliveries (22:13)
  • Sales for freshness and shelf life (23:08)
  • Adding on product on top of microgreens (23:50)
  • Has social media helped in promoting sales? (25:32)
  • Microgreen awareness and customer education (28:40)
    • It’s as simple as offering a free sample (29:56)
  • Encouragement to ahead and start selling online (30:41)

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