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Episode Summary

If you’re a farmer thinking tacking on an online store to your current farm business model, how do you choose which selling platform to go with? What features do you want to see? What questions should you ask, and what kind of post-purchase customer support do they provide?

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, Founder and CEO of Local Line, Cole Jones talks about why he created an online selling platform for small farms and what role he wants it to play in the local food movement.

Today’s Guest: Cole Jones

Cole Jones is the Founder and CEO of Local Line, an eCommerce platform that caters to small farms and aims to make local food more accessible to a wider audience. Initially started as a matchmaking service for small farms and chefs, Local Line has now grown to accommodate farms, food hubs, and farmer’s markets in order to keep the local food movement alive and help make small farms become more profitable.

Relevant Links

            Local LineWebsite | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn  

            Eat Local Huron Website | Shop | Instagram | Facebook

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Cole Jones (00:38)
  • The catalyst for creating an eCommerce platform for farms (01:52)
  • Filling the hole in the market (03:55)
  • Why is there a quick turnover in the farming platform space? (05:34)
  • Platform expansion and incremental improvement (09:10)
  • Patience and being mindful of limitations (11:23)
  • Looking beyond a service’s frontline features (14:03)
  • Where LocalLine fits in the local food resilience (18:22)
  • Giving small farms an opportunity to reach a bigger, broader audience (21:50)
  • LocalLine’s potential of going beyond selling your own farm’s products (25:30)
  • More options and opportunities with digitalization (29:16)
  • Does a small, local farm need to go online to last a long time? (31:48)
  • What went into growing LocalLine’s loyal customer base (34:42)
  • Where Cole Jones wants to see local food in the next ten years (38:50)
  • Where to find and learn more about Local Line (41:17)

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