Tying Up A CSA Share with an On-Farm Project – Jeamette Lock – Carrot Cashflow Episode 15


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Episode Summary

When you’re a small farm, what’s a good way to incentivize your local community to support you and what you’re doing? How about tying up a CSA share with a project you want to do on the farm?

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, we’re talking to farmer Jeamette Lock of Pack River Farm in Sandpoint, Idaho to talk about how their community showed up to help them build a greenhouse and what they do in return to show their appreciation.

Today’s Guest: Jeamette Lock

Jeamette Lock is the farmer and owner behind Pack River Farm in Sandpoint, Idaho. Together with her husband, they go beyond growing certified organic fruits and vegetables by enriching and re-mineralizing the soil to maintain its health. With their farm, they hope to connect their community with their local farmers.

Relevant Links

            Pack River Farm – Website | Instagram | Facebook

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Jeamette Lock (00:46)
  • How Pack River Farm fits in a local food system (01:54)
  • Pitching local food to a customer (02:23)
  • How the community helped Pack River Farm arrive where it is today (03:16)
  • Adding another layer of support for the farm (04:20)
  • Tying a project to a purchase (05:30)
  • Granting flexibility with a non-expiring CSA share (06:47)
  • Becoming more invested and involved in the farm and the farmers (08:37)
  • How Jeamette Lock arrived at their current CSA model (10:53)
  • A traditional CSA vs a credit system CSA (12:02)
  • Crop planning for the CSA and the market (13:13)
  • Executing CSA order fulfillment (14:31)
  • The varying frequency of redeeming CSA credits  (16:16)
  • Flexibility in planning which crops to grow (18:57)
  • How Jeamette keeps track of the CSA credits (20:28)
  • Updating balances and reloading credits (21:11)
  • Coming up with a 17% retail discount (22:32)
  • Going the extra mile to show customers appreciation (23:39)

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