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Episode Summary

When you’re making a good number of sales online, is it still worth going to farmer’s markets all year round? Growers Carrie and Joe Chlebanowski of The Looney Farm in Alex, Oklahoma say yes, it still is.

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, we have growers Carrie and Joe Chlebanowski to talk a little bit about increasing online sales through having a farmer’s market presence. They also share some useful tips on improving visuals and descriptions on the online store as well as displays for the farmer’s markets.

Today’s Guest: Carrie and Joe Chlebanowski

Carrie and Joe Chlebanowski started their farming journey with homesteading and animal husbandry until they discovered market gardening through Jean-Martin Fortier in 2016. After doubling down on studying intensive market systems, business planning, and crop planning, The Looney Farm has since been growing as community-loved vegetable growers, selling online and at farmer’s markets.

Relevant Links

            Looney Farm Oklahoma – Website | Instagram | Facebook

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Carrie and Joe Chlebanowski (00:36)
  • Ready Farmer One: The Farmers’ Guide to Create, Design, and Market an Online Farm Store by Diego Footer & Nina Galle  (01:02)
  • What is a free choice CSA model and how is its reception? (02:13)
  • Looking at two different market streams (04:02)
  • How the physical market and the online store work together (05:41)
    • The benefits of having eye-catching, eye-level displays at the farmer’s market (07:04)
    • Knowing that the branding works (07:53)
  • What the Looney Farm does to bring customers to their farmer’s market booth (08:56)
  • Keeping in mind what the customers are seeing (09:55)
  • Finding the balance of what and how much to put on the signs (11:27)
  • Translating the farmer’s market experience to the online store (13:57)
  • Figuring out just the right amount of text to put in descriptions (15:50)
    • Less is more and adding recipe links (17:50)
  • Tips for taking good product photos for your online store (18:49)
  • Simplifying the purchasing process by listing each individual variation (20:49)
  • Considering to sell exclusively online (22:58)
  • Leaving the physical market means leaving sales on the table (24:06)
  • Where to find Carrie, Joe, and Looney Farm (26:19)

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