From Roadside Farm Stand to Full-size Farm Store – Keith Zimmerman – Carrot Cashflow Episode 5


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Episode Summary

One strategy to sell your produce and other farm products is through a farm stand. But what if you want to take it one step further and turn that farm stand into something more—say, a community destination that’s perfect for spending time with the family, catching up with friends, or just being part of the community?

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, we’re talking to Keith Zimmerman of Plum Creek Farm and Creamery to share his experience evolving a roadside farm market wagon into a go-to hangout place for everyone in the community.

Today’s Guest: Keith Zimmerman

Keith Zimmerman is the co-owner and operator of family-owned Plum Creek Farm and Creamery located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. With the help of his family (and listening to customer feedback), Keith has grown their roadside wagon farm business into a bustling aggregator-retailer business that continuously serves their community.

Relevant Links

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In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Keith Zimmerman (00:33)
  • Evolving the farming landscape into robust business models by involving the younger generation (03:24)
  • The why behind Keith Zimmerman deciding to continue the family farming legacy (05:44)
  • Diverting from the traditional wholesale and farmer’s markets route (07:26)
  • The vision of doing the farm market well themselves (08:37)
  • The success of the roadside farm market model (12:28)
  • How to get someone to stop at a roadside stand (15:35)
  • Getting customers to come again (17:56)
  • Aggregating products for the farm market (20:31)
  • A snapshot of the new farm market building (21:19)
  • Repeated requests to sell ice cream (23:06)
  • The ratio of food sales and retail sales (26:35)
  • How big the average Saturday crowd looks like (29:19)
  • How Keith Zimmer views Plum Creek Farm Market (30:58)
  • The farm market’s location and how much traffic it gets (34:21)
  • Aggregating products: what worked, what didn’t (35:38)
  • Creating a custom app to help facilitate managing the business (39:11)
  • Adding organization with shelf labels (46:09)
  • Aggregating strategies that work (49:04)
  • Going for hard-to-find ‘unknown’ homestyle products (52:24)
  • How crucial has it been to make the place a destination location? (55:10)
  • The customer base is the secret to Plum Creek Farm’s success (58:02)
  • Find out more about Plum Creek Farm Market and Deli Label App (01:01:01)

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