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Episode Summary

When thinking about outlets to sell your produce at, one thing that’s been consistently on the rise is selling online. But with it comes a challenge—how do you get your first customers? Farmer’s markets get customers for you, but how do you even start to build a customer base if you’re doing everything online?

In this first-ever episode of Carrot Cashflow, we’re talking to farmer Jeremy Tolley of Red Thread Farm to see how they successfully grew their farm business selling purely online.

Today’s Guest: Jeremy Tolley

Jeremy Tolley was a human resources executive before he jumped into farming full-time. What started as a hobby of growing vegetables has now turned into a successful farm business, Red Thread Farm. Through the years, Red Thread Farm has consistently grown thanks to word-of-mouth advertising from its loyal customer base.

Relevant Links

            Jeremy Tolley – Website | Instagram | Facebook

In this episode of Carrot Cashflow

  • Carrot Cashflow host Diego introduces himself (00:32)
  • Diego introduces the episode’s guest, Jeremy Tolley (02:35)
  • Selling online to make work-life balance work (04:00)
  • How Jeremy got their first online customers (05:00)
  • Did the farm grow first before the customer base, or is it the other way around? (07:01)
  • Keeping the local customer base sticky (08:45)
  • Matching the price and the experience (11:48)
  • Pushing on-farm pick up or deliveries? (14:05)
  • The necessity of interacting with customers (15:11)
  • Associating the farmer as the face of the operations (17:45)
  • Making new customers feel welcome (18:43)
  • Aggregating products from other local producers and cultivating trust (22:07)
  • Getting honest feedback from the core customer base (24:35)
  • Curating the produce and curating the local experience (27:08)
  • Grow by growing more or by aggregating more? (29:09)
  • How Jeremy Tolley looks at aggregation (31:04)
  • Potentially evolving the farm store business (32:49)

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