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Old School Row Cropping Vs. Permanent Beds


A 30” wide bed is the most common standardized width in the world of market gardening today. It’s an easy width to straddle for most body types, doesn’t hyperextend the back when reaching into the center of the bed from the pathway, and most tools and supplies are built to accommodate this size.  If such is the case, it would seem that it would be counterintuitive for a grower to deviate...

Farmer Burnout – A Real Problem


You’ve heard about the profitability of urban farming, and maybe you’re raring to go at this point. But let’s slow down a bit and talk about something that not many people discuss in the farming space: burnout.  Burnout Seasons Urban farmer Curtis Stone says he experiences burnout every season: spring, summer, and the grand finale: the fall burnout.  The spring burnout comes from...

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