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Driving Online Sales Through Networking – Dan & Hilary Papuchis – Carrot Cashflow Episode 20


Listen to more episodes of Carrot Cashflow Episode Summary When you’re a new farm business selling a niche product, the first place you’ll probably think to sell to would be at a farmer’s market. There’s no doubt that farmer’s markets area great way to network with potential customers and other growers in your area. But if you have a full-time job while raising a family, and you don’t want to...

Selling Online with Local Line – Cole Jones – Carrot Cashflow Episode 19


Listen to more episodes of Carrot Cashflow Episode Summary If you’re a farmer thinking tacking on an online store to your current farm business model, how do you choose which selling platform to go with? What features do you want to see? What questions should you ask, and what kind of post-purchase customer support do they provide? In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, Founder and CEO of Local...

Market Gardening Bed Flipping Systems: Full-till, Low-till, and No-till


In this article, we will go over some different systems for flipping beds in preparation for the Paperpot Transplanter. From full-till to low-till, to no-till, different approaches require different systems and tools. What is Bed Flipping?Bed Prep Depends on What’s Being Planted NextPaperpot Transplanter Needs Prepared SoilFull-TillFull-Till bed Flipping System:Flail MowAdd Soil Amendments...

Building Systems for Efficiency – Robert Arnold – Carrot Cashflow Episode 18


Listen to more episodes of Carrot Cashflow Episode Summary In recent years, there has been a steady increase of younger people interested in local food. And in this digital age, that same younger demographic is used to purchasing what they need online, straight from the comforts of their home. That said, why should purchasing nutritious, local food be any different? In this episode of Carrot...

BioIntensive Planting Principles


If you’ve spent time in the market gardening space, you’ve likely heard the term “biointensive” thrown around quite a bit. A foundational piece of the biointensive farming model is the practice of intensively planting crops in a permanent bed system.  This article will explore where the concept of intensive plant spacing came from (along with the term...

Selling Online First – Lesley Dennis – Carrot Cashflow Episode 17


Listen to more episodes of Carrot Cashflow Episode Summary When you’re first building out your customer base, many farmers will tell you to start selling at the farmer’s market to let people know you’re there and to build connections before you consider starting selling online. But no one said you could start by doing just the opposite. In this episode of Carrot Cashflow, we’re talking to Lesley...

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